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Dental hygiene in our office :

Dental hygiene mainly deals with the prevention and conservative treatment of the most common diseases of oral tissues in adults and children.
These include gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay. Dental hygiene also deals with dental erosion, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, grinding of teeth (bruxism, bruxmania), aesthetic aspects of teeth (whitening, polishing of fillings), etc.

A dental hygienist instructs clients to take proper and effective care in order to prevent problems and maintain functional teeth throughout their lives.
For long-term positive treatment results, the client should follow the recommendations of a dental hygienist.

The most common problems that dental hygiene deals with:

Initial visit to dental hygiene
During the first visit, it is necessary to perform an overall examination of the oral cavity and to take a medical history (in the form of a questionnaire), which contains all important information about diseases, allergies or medication of the client.
On the basis of the examination the treatment is suggested and the causes of the problem are explained. The treatment is very gentle to minimize any discomfort. However, if the client requires anesthesia of the gums, it is possible to apply both surface and local anesthesia. After treatment, dental hygiene aids are recommended.

Second visit
The initial visit should be followed by a follow-up visit to assess the condition of the treated tissues and the client's oral hygiene habits.

Dental hygiene in children
Since childhood, children must be encouraged to take proper care of the oral cavity. If they know how to brush their teeth and why, they will avoid unpleasant dental experiences in the future.
We use special disclosing agent to show the kids where their teeth are clean and where the plaque remains. The plaque is then removed by polishing and the teeth are coated with a calcium-containing care cream. In children with fixed braces, plaque is removed by airpolishing with the finest powder. The treatment is not unpleasant. Children can watch the whole procedure in the mirror.

Dental hygiene in clients with fixed braces
If you have a fixed braces, it´s definitely not an obstacle for dental hygiene treatment.
It is necessary for people with braces to avoid problems with gums and dental caries. Poor oral hygiene could be the reason for stopping orthodontic treatment. For plaque removal, we use the airpolishing method, which makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas.

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